The Silver Package

The Silver Package strikes a balance between affordability and support, offering plenty of updates and a reasonably-deep website at a fraction of boutique costs. It is intended for small to medium operations needing one or two photo galleries and with a single point of contact for forms.

Our pricing is intended to be straightforward and free of as much fine print as possible, so exceptions are noted in italics below. The Silver Package includes:

Domain name registration/management

Whether you already own your .com or need a new one, we’ll take care of everything related to your domain name.

Custom web site at your .com

We use premium WordPress themes driven by state of the art, personally-managed servers. Your website will be online, fast, and secure all the time!

Up to 10 pages

Created for medium-sized outfits, Whitetail hunt advertising, or small businesses, our Silver Package offers just enough depth to make your website look like you spent a fortune on it.

Photo Galleries

Your website will contain up to 2 full-featured photo galleries (example), and adding images is as easy as emailing them to us! You won’t have to resize, upload, crop, or even log into your site to put your best bucks front and center for your hunters to see.

Contact Forms

We’ll direct website visitor comments to a single email address on up to 2 contact forms, complete with all of the features you can imagine.

4 Updates Per Year

Anytime you want something added to your website – a photo of a big buck a hunter just killed, an update to your pricing, or the addition of a new exotic – all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll take care of it. 4 updates per year is perfect for fine-tuning site details and adding trophy images at the end of Spring Turkey and Fall seasons. Fine print: additional updates are billed hourly, or may necessitate moving to the Gold Package

Email forwarding to an address of your choice

We’ll forward all incoming email to your domain name to your personal email account, allowing you to accept email at [email protected] In order to send email from an address on your domain you’ll need to upgrade to the Gold Package.

Enrollment with Google Places

This establishes your operation on Google Maps, which lets us integrate easy-to-use, interactive Google maps into your website. Fine print: this may not be available in all locations; if Google Maps cannot locate your operation, we’ll use the nearest reasonable location or create a great-looking map for your site ourselves

Facebook Page for your site

We’ll set up a Facebook presence for your operation, carrying over some of your images and getting the word out through the world’s most popular advertising engine. Your operation can start getting Likes immediately!

Search Engine Management

Google and other best-practices will be followed across your website, giving you the best opportunity to be ranked well in search engines.